Embrace Change

Male Cuttlefish with a Vivid Zebra Pattern

Hello and welcome to Embrace change

I hope you gain value from my knowledge, passion, wisdom, and my mad Philosophy on life to Embrace Change in your life.

By using my PhD in Neurophysiology and degree in Zoology I will be drawing comparisons with animals with our own behavior, and how animals have evolved to survive and thrive in a ever changing world and how this can help you in your life.

My mission is to help others comes to terms with and thrive in our ever changing world by using my 20 + years experience and knowledge gained in the corporate, business, and academic world. Therefore read on to see how much changing I have done!

About me

I really am looking forward to getting to know you and wish to share my life triumphs and battles with you to somehow add value and courage.

Severely dyslexic, therefore please be patient with the grammar.  I left school at 16 with no qualifications 7 Years later I gained a PhD. How did that happen? Traveled the world doing research on squid brains!.

Thinking I Should be responsible settle down and have children I  joined the corporate world of Pharmaceuticals (sold my soul). This came with a large salary and big bonuses which of course I spent and I lived up to that lifestyle.  A big house, kids in private schools, luxury cars, expensive art. But I wasn’t happy money cannot buy happiness .  Then it all came tumbling down.

Divorced from a man I should never had married. The upside I had Two wonderful boys from it, Theo a budding Rock star and artist, and Louis a Lego fanatic and gaming geek. Louis was born with a congenital condition so has special needs, this has come with its own battles and triumphs.

After the Divorce I was left with nothing lived in a caravan and couldn’t afford to feed my children.  Now I run my own successful business from Home.  Having a wonderful loving and caring long term relationship with a woman is one of my biggest changes and my greatest delights.  So this makes for interesting reading. I embrace change and want you to as well!

My aim

Is to provide an understanding, some comfort, and strategies that will help you survive, accept, and embrace change. My wish for you is to flourish in our fast changing society in which ever way YOU choose!.

Always look up and forward as that is were you want to go. Much love Dr Wendy xx


Please give me feedback what would you like to learn about or what would help? Thank you lets work together… Much Love