Change and Adapt – Be like a Cuttlefish

Male Cuttlefish with a Vivid Zebra Pattern
Fig 1: Male Cuttlefish displaying a Vivid Zebra Pattern

Change and Adapt FOR Survival – Be like a Cuttlefish. 

Change is inevitable and essential. We grow old; our bodies change, we go to school, change schools, we move Jobs, we move home, we can change our sexual orientation, we lose loved ones, we end relationship and friendships, we date new people and meet new people, we have children. The list goes on and on.

The BAD NEWS… Change is out of our control and will happen if we like it or not! The GOOD NEWS… We are in control of how we react, respond and adapt to change. 

In this series I will be using my PhD on Neurophysiology and degree in Zoology to draw comparisons with the mighty Cuttlefish (Cephalopod) and other extraordinary animals and how they have evolved to survive and thrive in a ever changing world and how this can help you.  Also, I will be using my 49 years of experience in the changing market both as an academic and business woman, and boy do I embrace change!  

My Aim is to provide an understanding, some comfort, and strategies that will help you survive and accept change. My wish for you is to flourish in our fast changing society in which ever way YOU choose!.

Cuttlefish change their skin color with elaborate patterns, and even texture, to fit in to their surroundings; to camouflage away from predators or to lay in ambush for prey or dazzle a mate. Can you relate to hiding under the radar and trying to be invisible, either at school, in the work place, when out, or even at home; to not get noticed? Or shown off in front of your peers, classmates, teachers, boss, or friends to impress them with displays of your brilliance ?!

Cuttlefish also use color to attract a mate and warn off rivals (Fig 1). They can also communicate a feeling through color and we also do the same. Another stunning example are the male Birds of Paradise which show impressive displays and plumage to attract a mate (Fig 2). While we do not display the same level of elaborate and intricate skin changes as the Cuttlefish or Plumage like the Birds of paradise, we do wear make-up and attractive clothes to attract a mate, we blush with shyness or sexual desire, we go red with anger or pale with fear.

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“Celebrate change because its happening ready or not”

Male Bird of Paradise
Fig 2. Male Bird of Paradise

20 thoughts on “Change and Adapt – Be like a Cuttlefish”

  1. What a lovely thought provoking post – yes change does happen and we not indeed in control of most things that happen to us. I find when this happens, I need time to pull back and do a review of my life, in fact, I do a quarterly review to reassess my life and goals and found by doing this, I react less and I am more intentional with my life.

    1. Thank you Karen for the feedback. To Review, reflect, and plan for change or after an enforced change, is an excellent strategy that many people do not do. We Humans as higher thinking beings have this luxury OR curse (whichever way you look at it) to think before we react. Animals such as the Cuttlefish react more purely on instinct and without such thinking patterns. Which is best I am not sure pros and cons for both. An Article on this to follow I think !? xx

  2. I enjoyed that read, Although I am quiet spontaneous, I do not always embrace change from the onset. however, I do acknowledge when I am beat and will quickly adapt.

    1. Thank you Lorraine. Your not alone there we either embrace change, let it wash over us, or hide from what i call the Ostrich syndrome!xx

  3. My motto in life is, you get dealt one hand of cards in life. Then its up to you haw you choose to played to game. 🤔

    1. Thank you John. Yes your right we are all dealt curve balls in life! its up to us to either dodge them, throw them right back, or let them hit us!

  4. I like the colour analogy and am going to go out and buy something bright and cheerful.
    I’m not sure I’m a cuttlefish and I am certainly not a bird of paradise but something in the middle to relate to. I shall think about it!

    1. Thanks Dee Bright and Colorful sounds wonderful. I shall be introducing many more animals to relate to. But please say when you think on it 🙂 xx

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